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Paint Volumes in Airless Hoses

The Sprayman UK guide to:

 The Volume of paint required to prime and then supply paint up to an Airless spray gun.

Paint Volumes in Hoses

¼” Standard hose size supplied with most airless sprayers sold in the UK.

3/16” Hose supplied with the Graco GXFF and additional hose included with the SpraymanUK GX21FF kit.

Quantities of paint required to prime, and then supply paint up to an airless spray gun, using either a siphon feed or hopper fed airless sprayer.

A comparison between a siphon feed sprayer such as a GX21 (shown) or a hopper fed sprayer such as the GXFF or the SpraymanUK GX21FF (shown below) when using a one litre tin of paint!


GX21          1. GX21 Equals:

          100 ml in the siphon hose

          333 ml to cover the suction filter in a 1 litre tin.  

          476 ml in the supplied 1/4”x 15m airless Spray                hose.

          Total = 909 ml.

          Volume left available to spray = 91 ml.  


GX21FF Thumbnail 






 2. GXFF and GX21FF Equals:   

 134ml in airless paint hose supplied.

 0 ml In Siphon tube.

 Volume of paint from hopper to pump in the GX21FF flows via gravity into   the pump. No paint is left in the tube.  

 Total =134ml.

 Volume left available to spray = 866 ml. 





Note: Larger airless sprayers such as the Q-Tech, Tritech, Wagner, Triton and Graco Classic & ST Series sprayers have siphon pick up tubes, that hold even more volume.

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