A Sprayman UK Original !

October 2018, and we have created a Sprayman UK original product! 

The HVLP Edge II Gun Adapter is absolutely unique to Sprayman UK, and was created by one of our team.

Want to move away from the Flexliner cup and over to a standard siphon cup? No Problem we have avery simple solution.  


After many enquiries from users struggling swapping the new Graco Edge II HVLP Spray Gun from the Flexiliner cup to a siphon cup or the ProComp Pressure Cup, I thought there must be an easier way to do this without modifying the gun itself.

So rather than as Graco suggests, removing the (locktited) inlet fitting from the original gun and installing (and locktiting) in a different fitting!

I came up with the idea of a simple adapter to sit inbetween the Edge II gun and the siphon cup or paint hose nut. 

So after I created a prototype or two on my lathe in my ‘Man Shed’ at home, SpraymanUK Product No. SPUK0005 was born.’

(Mike – Sprayman UK)

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