Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Sprayman UK Privacy Statement:

Sprayman UK takes responsibility for customers personal data seriously. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018, and as a result we have updated our privacy policy to ensure compliance.

With these new GDPR regulations, here at Sprayman UK, we remain dedicated to protecting your personal data. We have a personal commitment to providing our customers with information on how their data with us will be stored, and used.

This privacy policy will answer the following:

  • What personal information Sprayman UK will collect.
  • How personal data is used.
  • How personal data is kept secure.
  • How, and when personal data is passed on to any sub-contractors, or third-party companies in line with our policies and procedures.
  • Why, and where personal data is stored, and how long for. 
  • How to amend incorrect personal data.
  • How to request your personal data is deleted. 
  • Information on the use of cookies on the Sprayman UK website.

This privacy policy is a live document and will be continually reviewed to improve Sprayman UK processes, to ensure compliance with the GDPR, and any future Data Protection Act amendments.

Any queries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at, where we will be pleased to help.

2. Sprayman UK Privacy Policy:

Sprayman UK is committed to taking our customers privacy seriously.  As a valued customer, you have a right to know and understand how we collect, use and store your personal data.  This policy has been developed in conjunction with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and will be continually reviewed to ensure compliance with any future changes, within UK regulations. 

3. What information do Sprayman UK collect regarding our customers?

As a customer, when you contact us via email, telephone, post or via our Sprayman UK website, you may be asked to provide us with personal information.  This data will always be collected in relation to the products and services we offer.

The following personal data may be collected (this list is not exhaustive);

  • Name, address, email, telephone number.  In case of business contacts, job title may also be collected.
  • Delivery and billing address.
  • Data relating to your enquiry / purchase. 
  • Payment information regarding to all purchase transactions / refunds.  All card payments are encrypted to ensure a safe transaction, and no card details are stored by Sprayman UK. 
  • Data relating to how you heard about Sprayman UK.
  • Data relating to feedback about Sprayman UK and our services.
  • Data relating to any inhouse promotions, or customer surveys.
  • Data relating to the recruitment process i.e. information regarding work history. 
  • Any other relevant data that you as a customer provide to us.

Sprayman UK will not ask our customers to provide any information we are not legally allowed to collect.

4. How do Sprayman UK use our customers personal data?

Sprayman UK may use our customers personal data for the following reasons;

  • To ensure we complete any orders, contracts and agreements between Sprayman UK, and yourself / or your company.
  • To ensure we can carry out services and repairs on equipment if required.
  • To ensure competent delivery of orders, contracts, agreements, services, and repairs, agreed between Sprayman UK, and yourself / or your company.
  • To improve our products and services, we offer to our customers.
  • To fulfil any relevant law, compliance or regulations in force presently.
  • So we can efficiently respond to any customer enquiries. 
  • To monitor website use, to allow us to improve content and services.
  • To enable us to send out promotional information, or to conduct market research, relevant to yourself / or your company.  To opt out of these services please contact 
  • Sprayman UK may use third party services, e.g.  Payment providers to process any credit or debit card payments.  Security checks will be made to ensure prevention of fraudulent activities. 

Any queries regarding how your personal data will be used please contact

5. How do Sprayman UK keep our customers personal data secure?

Customer data is collected at Sprayman UK and stored electronically on secure systems.  This is done  by our trained colleagues, who abide by Sprayman UK policies and procedures.  Only required information will be passed on to third parties e.g. for delivery, services, or repairs. 

Any customers providing us with their payment details, will be dealt with by trained employees, who are approved to use our highly secure payment systems.

Paper based records are stored safely and securely at our Sprayman UK premises, and once this information is no longer necessary, records are destroyed. 

6. In what instance will our customers data be shared, and who with?

Sprayman UK are committed to only sharing customer data when it is necessary.  This could be to complete orders, contracts, repairs, enquiries, or to fulfil any other relevant service requested by our customers.

Personal information may be shared with the following third parties;

  • Our preferred couriers for delivery of our products and services. 
  • Our POS payment providers to process payments / refunds.
  • Relevant marketing agencies.
  • Relevant suppliers, companies or sub-contractors e.g. IT hosting or security services. 
  • Our professional advisors e.g. health and safety teams, auditors or legal team.
  • Any regulatory or law enforcement officials. 

Sprayman UK will not share your personal data with any other third party without your consent, or unless we are legally required to do so.

7. How will customer data be stored with regards to third parties?

Only relevant, personal data will be shared with third parties, in accordance with the list above.   Third parties within the UK will store data in compliance with GDPR regulations.  In the case that a third party is based outside of the UK, they will store data in accordance to their countries data protection laws. 

8. How long is personal data stored for at Sprayman UK?

Personal data collected by Sprayman UK is stored to fulfil our contractual obligations with our customers, where information has been given to us by you as a customer. This could be to fulfil an order, complete a repair, or information needed to validate warranties on our products. Customer data will also be stored to meet any regulatory requirements. For all cases, any customer data will be kept for the duration of any contractual agreements and a further period of time, to ensure we deal with any further current customer enquiries promptly.

With regards to payment systems, once a customer transaction has been entered onto our secure POS systems, the payment details can not be viewed by any Sprayman UK colleagues. This ensures that payment information is only handled during the transaction.

9. Viewing and Amending any personal information held at Sprayman UK.

You can request that your data is deleted by Sprayman UK at any time.  This may have repercussions in that you will not be notified of certain services offered such as, product recalls, special promotions and events, deliveries, or any notifications regarding the products and services we have provided to you.   In any case if you do wish to request your data is deleted please contact

10. Can I request that my personal data is deleted by Sprayman UK?

As a Sprayman UK customer you can view your personal data held by us at any time.  If for any reason your personal data held at Sprayman UK is incorrect, you can request to amend this by contacting, and we will update our records.

11. Use of cookies on the Sprayman UK website.

Cookies are used on the Sprayman UK website and are used to monitor activity on the website.  As a customer you can choose not to accept cookies when perusing the Sprayman UK website, however some functionality may be limited.

For any other information regarding this privacy policy, please contact

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