Sprayman UK Sells A GX21FF – A World-Wide First!!! September 2018

Here at Sprayman UK we pride ourselves on giving the best advice to our customers, to ensure they get exactly what they want and need.  We also like to invent things, which is why we had the intuition to create the GX21FF. Where we have taken the best bits from Graco’s hugely popular GXFF and GX21 to create the GX21FF hybrid.

 To read our full description on this fantastic machine follow this link .

So, September 2018 has seen us sell the first GX21FF to one of our customers.

Here at Sprayman UK we are very excited that this sale is a world-wide first!!! 

The GX21FF is certainly a fantastic package and was thought up by a member of our amazing team.  We first gave advice over the telephone to our customer, who asn he wanted a sprayer for both spraying walls/ceilings but also woodwork, so was unsure on which machine to go for the GX21 or the GXFF.  After a chat with Mike one of our highly experienced Directors, he knew that the GX21FF was the right machine for him. 

As we have already made up a batch of GX21FF machines, he was able to receive and begin using his machine the next day.

Our friendly team are always here to give you advice on this machine or any others, so give us a call on 0800 304 7557 or email [email protected] .  To read about and order your own GX21FF follow this link .

So order yours today and you could have a beaming smile like our customer Mr Ross.

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